This is the village where our company is located
International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (we are a member)
European Federation of Essential Oils (we are a member).
Certification body for our Quality-Managment-System and our HACCP-concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Austria's leading inspection body for organic products (our organic product are certified there)
This is Unterweger's wellbeing garden located directly at our site in Austria.

Recommended hotels in our area
The 'Walter Stub'n' is 4 km away from our company on the mountain. Using a car is the best way to reach this beautiful place offering good local food too! 

The 'Moarhof' is located 10 km away from our company in Lienz. Lienz is the biggest city in our area with approx. 13000 inhabitants. 

This traditional Hotel and restaurant is located in the center of Lienz.

This is the only 5 star hotel in East Tyrol.

Located at a very beautiful lake called 'Tristacher See' and perfect to relax in the evening.